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Archives: Mar 1997

Some Unnecessary Creativity Killing (S.U.C.K.)

Note: This column was written during my senior year of high school, and published in the Spartan Spotlite.

I would like to make an apology. Apparently, a few people were offended because I used the “s” word five times in last issue’s “Guess What . . . Shut up!” article. It was not very polite – though I figured that most of you would have realized by now that I am not very polite. So anyways, I assure you that I will no longer use those filthy, filthy words – even though when I walk down the hall I hear things much worse coming from all these people that are supposedly going to be offended by me. So since taking away the “s” word cuts my article down to about half of what it normally is, I’ll have to fill up the empty spaces with things that make no sense. Surprise, surprise.