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Archives: Jun 1997

The Last Shot From RHS

Note: This column was written during my senior year of high school, and published in the Spartan Spotlite.

The film festival. Let’s think about the word “festival.” The word would normally indicate that there would be a festival of films, as in more than one film. But wait! There was only one film okayed for the RHS film festival! What’s going on? Well I’ll tell you. First of all, there was my movie. They said it was bashing homosexuals. That is completely false. There was a part about Dick’s Barber Shop that involved someone promoting the shop. The people he promoted it to thought that he was inquiring about whether they liked something else. So they punched him. Now yes, it did refer to homosexuality, but it would have been the same way if I had gotten a woman to walk by and get the sales pitch. She would have punched him. There was just a lack of females that wanted to act in a movie. So I had to use males for most of the parts. Honestly – if anyone got asked if they liked Dick’s Barber Shop (Without the promoter mentioning the barber shop part), they would punch the guy, males and females alike. The second problem was a swear word. I told the administration that I could go back and cut off the sound from that part. The character who swore was wearing a mask, and you couldn’t tell when his mouth was moving – so removing the line wouldn’t have hurt the movie any. I also told them that I would that I would cut out the Dick’s Barber Shop scene, but they said no, that there was also lots of violence in the movie. So let me ask you this – would your teachers object to showing “Three Stooges” videos in class (Besides the fact that it has nothing to do with anything in school)? No. Well hey, that’s all that my movie’s violence was – a guy in a Batman suit doing goofy fights with other strange and goofy people. Batman fighting against a guy with a spatula is hardly offensive.