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Archives: Oct 1999

Reading Is Fun– Unless You’re Dead Or Blind

Note: This column was written during my junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, and published in the Promethean.

I would like to start this column out on the right foot. That is my goal for this year– to make people happy in inoffensive ways. But since columns don’t have feet, and since I don’t have any sense, I’ll just print this highly inaccurate educational piece instead:

Did you know that you have to know how to read in college? Many students don’t. Because of this, over 85 percent of students at UW-Superior don’t know how to read. Like many students, I myself could only read braille in my first year at this college. Sure, I could ride the elevator splendidly, but there was little else that I could do. It’s time to stop this alleter illiterasee not educatedness, and start encouraging reading. I know what you’re thinking– “reading is for losers,” “reading is for when you’re 30” or “reading isn’t needed, I’ll just ride the braille elevator.” Well, let’s get the facts straight.