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Archives: May 2001

Chancellor Julius Erlenbach: hot or not?

Note: This column was written during my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, and published in the Promethean.

Paul Ryan, Columnist

Man, am I pissed. Really pissed. Okay, I thought that for my last column, it would be really funny to harass our chancellor, Julius Erlenbach. So I posted his picture on a website called Basically, this website lets you post your picture so that others can rate how “hot” you are.

So I thought it would be really, really, REALLY funny to post Julius’ picture and see what people rated him at.

Obviously, a staff member pointed out to me that it would be unfair to just post Julius’ picture. In order to do it right, I would also have to post my picture on the site, and make it into a contest of sorts. I figured that since most of the people on this website are teenagers, he wouldn’t stand a chance. I was wrong.