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Archives: Jul 2002

The Story of Paul

Right now it’s 10:15 p.m., and I’m at work. I had to come back after theatre practice (which started immediately after work) to scan a few pictures and print out a caption. Deadline day has turned into deadline night.

The printing plant that prints our newspaper doesn’t have the technology yet to print newspapers from a computer disk. This means we still do layout the old-fashioned way, where we print each individual photo and article, cut it out with scissors, run it through a wax machine and stick it on the cardboard newspaper template.

The problem is that someone didn’t realize I would be back tonight, and turned off the wax machine. I can’t just leave the caption for tomorrow, because my bosses will never check the captions a second time before taking the paper to press. So I have to stick it on myself, just to be sure.

It takes a long time to heat up wax when it’s solid all the way through. I’ve been here an hour, and the block of wax hasn’t melted a bit.