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Archives: Feb 2005

What the hell?

Alas! I was but a mere trifle of a lad when the magic of nature hath burst upon the land like a fatty unto a groin of random location. Tally-ho! I think one shall find that even a spry tallywacker joke cannot hinder the wonder of the oncoming spring! Pee pee fezzywinkle! Thy heathenous cankles, which hint of an odor of yams feasted upon by sunlight in the dunes of the Sahara, do not overshine this miracle of God’s handiwork!

Ah, but when I was a lad, the thought of an oncoming summer tickled my lavish pornographicies, to the point hither where my testicles could drop – one, two, huzzah – at the mere mention of May flowers. Indeed! It was hence a matter of discreetionous content that has made the spring halt in my memory for so many score and years.