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Archives: Apr 2017

World mourns those who spaced out and forgot to celebrate 4/20

Gathering in small groups outside the capital, the damned huddled together, tearfully​ embracing one another. They share a common yet painful wound. It’s April 27, one week past the sacred marijuana-themed holiday, yet these 4/20 refugees still have not properly celebrated. Like millions across the world, these stoners were so high that they simply forgot to celebrate 4/20.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” said Blaine Simon, upon learning that it’s currently the month of April. “Fuuuuuuccccccccck. Shit, man. Fuck! Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. What day is it? The 27th of what? April? Wait, what month? April? Fuuuuuuuuuck.”

Though unable to express it in human words, Simon is upset because 4/20 is the only day of the year he can post photos of himself smoking marijuana on social media without coming off as a complete assbag. Posting a photo now, one week after the 4/20 holiday, would reveal him as the huge pothead he actually is in real life. Though many argue it’s not much of a secret.

Lyft skipping Northland thanks to Bob Smith of 1375 Aldrich Avenue

Thanks to Bob Smith of Duluth and his big dumb stupid face, Lyft has cancelled plans to expand their popular ride sharing service to the Twin Ports. Citing “reckless endangerment of their employees” and a “fuckface demeanor”, the company claims Smith’s actions directly led them to ban the Northland forever.

A few months ago, Smith had a negative experience with a Lyft driver in Minneapolis, so he did what most people would do. Smith broke wind into an empty UPS Express Pak mailer, quickly sealed it shut and overnighted it to Lyft CEO Hans Moonbeam. Upon opening the bag, the harrowing contents exploded, unleashing a sulfurous stank throughout Moonbeam’s home. Windows shattered, plants wilted and died, and three different species of birds won’t visit his yard anymore. A large dead spot seven feet in diameter still marks the location of the blast on his carpeting. Moonbeam’s cat survived, but remains listless and melancholy to this day. Every time the mail arrives, the cat becomes uncontrollably violent.

It was the most devastating chemical munitions attack of its kind on American soil. Twelve people in Moonbeam’s neighborhood were hospitalized from the toxic fumes. Moonbeam himself is no longer able to walk without the help of a cane. The issue has become a real dillypecker of a dilemma for locals.

Tips for having a super duper nifty prom! Written by Paul Ryan, age 37

Prom is a special time of year. I mean, not for adults who have real lives, but for kids stuck in a tiny sandbox that better represents incarceration than adulthood, it’s probably special. Here’s a few tips to help you navigate this fruitless and somewhat patronizing event created and planned entirely by old people who don’t have to attend it.

• Prom is not the time to experiment with radical new hairstyles. Instead, go with something classic and sophisticated, like shaving half your head, dyeing the other half neon pink and writing “PEPE NO NAZI” in magic marker on your skull.

• Ladies, if you’re worried your date might get a little handsy, avoid this problem with an early show of dominance. The moment your date opens the car door for you, sucker punch him in the groin as hard as you can. It’s a warning shot his genitalia won’t forget later in the evening when he’s simultaneously drunk, high and thundering through a cocaine-fueled rage.

Nation’s fascination with balls begins anew

Spring has sprung and the liquid fertilizer that is the 2017 Minnesota Twins are kinda sorta ready for a new season! Join us in a magical journey to the turd-colored snowbanks of Minneapolis in April and witness first-hand the bizarre “major league team” where eight of their nine starting players were part-time JC Penney employees over the holidays.

Since few people follow AA minor league baseball, let’s provide a little background info for each of your very, very, very talented 2017 Twins:

Brian Dozier, 2B
Born deep in the forests of Aokigahara, hidden by the shadow of Mt. Fuji, Brian “Suicide Forest” Dozier is the only player on the team who actually belongs in the major leagues. He hit 42 home runs last year, but he’s fast so he’s the leadoff hitter. Yep. 42 home runs. Our #3 hitter hasn’t hit a ball in the air since 2012, but let’s all just trust in the wise judgment of the management who got the team here in the first place.