Mark Russell makes me want to vomit

original print date, April 29 2004

                  Paul Ryan

I had three problems last night. Problem 1: I was bored, and I didn't have cable TV. Problem 2: I hate everything on regular TV, and I didn't feel like watching a movie. Problem 3: Mark Russell, the singing and piano playing comedian, is on PBS, and like a train wreck, I just couldn't look away.

I've written about Mark Russell before. He plays piano songs, using lame political jokes as lyrics. He also wears a bow tie, which is just wrong for so many reasons. Here's an audio clip of Russell singing a song about cardinal law. If you find this unbearable, imagine thirty minutes of this torture.

That's what I went through. I watched along with 12 other people in America, all of whom were senile, asleep, or trying to induce vomiting. My experience was an interesting one, and luckily, I took pictures.

"Paul Ryan" is a very common name, and many Paul Ryans have made a home for themselves on the Internet. In this column, Paul takes a look at those other Paul Ryans, and tells you why they blow total ass.

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