My Very Own Apocalyptic Shitposts

March 19, 2020

Mar 202020

I got lucky. I buy insulin from Tijuana, Mexico because I don't have health insurance, and I managed to get a 3-month supply two days before they closed the border. Border patrol almost didn't let me through because I forgot to bring my prescription with me. Walmart sells older insulin, but I've had a seizure from that stuff in the past. I got lucky.

My only alternative would have been paying for health insurance, which is at best $300/month with a deductible so high that I would've been paying for everything myself the whole year anyway. Our next president, Joe Biden, thinks that's fine. He is a useless, bitter old cunt. I am too, which makes it weird that I dislike like him so much.

Oh well. At least I have toilet paper. The soft kind, too.