My Very Own Apocalyptic Shitposts

March 25, 2020

Mar 252020

We're not even a week into the national stay at home order and packs of shitbag capitalists are already foaming at the mouth for poor people to get back to work. When this bare minimum of a quarantine ends in a week, they'll be beating the wardrums even harder. It's just a cold! Don't be a pussy! Just wash your hands a little harder!

Never mind that we're already out of respirators, masks, gloves and hospital beds before the first surge of this plague has even hit its peak. They don't care. The rich don't carpool, don't ride public transit, and don't interact with the public hundreds of times per day. They don't use the same elevator 100 other people have been in over the past 30 minutes.

I wonder if we'll wake up this time, or if the shiny gleam of seeing our shitty 401k plans recover a few weeks earlier will trick us into fighting against our own interests yet again.